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The time has finally come! We missed you!



We can schedule all routine eye care on June 1, 2020. Our office hours have changed (please click on office hours tab to view) and we'll have a reduced patient and optical schedule to ensure enough time for adequate sanitization between patients. Hopefully, we can get back to our regular schedule soon.

In accordance with state and local guidelines, there will be some new mandatory office policies in effect, including:

*PATIENT SCREENING: We are screening our patients when they call to make an appointment to see if they may be at high risk for COVID-19 infection. Any high-risk patients will be asked to schedule an appointment at least two weeks into the future.

*MASKS: Everyone must wear a properly-fitting nose/mouth (“mask”) covering while in the office. **All valve masks will require an additional cloth covering.

*HAND SANITIZER & TEMPERATURE CHECKS: Everyone entering the office must use hand sanitizer (even if wearing gloves) and will have their temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer. Anyone with a temperature greater than 100 degrees will not be allowed in the office. In addition, you will be asked screening questions upon entering the office.

*PHYSICAL DISTANCING: We will be limiting the number of people in the office at any one time in order to best-maintain physical distancing requirements (>6 ft) for our patients and staff. Until this requirement is lifted, all people (non-staff) in the office must have an appointment. This includes appointments for eye wear selection and fitting/dispense. We will offer you the option texting/calling you so you can wait in your car or outside until your doctor or optician is ready for you.

*CHILDREN'S EXAMS: We are limiting minor patient companions to a single parent, caretaker, or guardian at the child's appointment. Again, please do not bring anyone who does not have an appointment, including siblings.

Priority scheduling will be given to those patients whose appointments were cancelled due to the COVID-19 office closure. And lastly, at this time we will only be able to accommodate two family members for appointments on the same day.

We hope to be back to our expanded office hours soon. Thank you all for your understanding and compliance with our new office policies during this very unprecedented time.